College Essay Workshop

Saturday/Sunday, October 20th & 21st

Location: New Tech High School

About the workshop


​Personal writing is highly subjective; however, a well written essay can make the difference - especially when students are seemingly ‘equal’ in all other areas.  It is a way for Admissions Officers to know applicants in a way that cannot be revealed through grades, SAT scores, or lists of extra curricular activities.   In responding to thousands of essays, Kathy has learned that writing in a group setting is dynamic and powerful.  This format helps each student level up on the quality of their writing.
  • The workshop runs Saturday and Sunday 10:00 - 5:00 at New Tech High School, Room 3.
  • Every student takes a personality assessment to help them define their "story."
  • Structure of the class moves between full group instruction, writing time and designated one-on-one time, working with Kathy.
  • Maximum enrollment: 16 students.
For more information or questions, contact Kathy Heintzman at

About the instructor: Kathy Heintzman

​From 1996-2013, Kathy taught English, primarily to seniors, at Arcadia High School in suburban Los Angeles.  Arcadia is a high performing High School, and is among the top 2% of public high schools in California; ranked 30th out of 1,300 schools in Best Public Schools in California, with a 99.3% Graduation rate.  Students from the Arcadia High School Class of 2017 were accepted into every Ivy League University in the country; including Harvard, Princeton, and Yale.  In 2015, two-thirds of applying graduates were accepted to one of the UCs.  ​Over the years, Kathy has honed her skills and developed methods and strategies that help students write essays that will give them a distinct advantage over other applicants. ​

​For more information or questions, contact Kathy Heintzman at

Testimonials about Kathy

​“Ms. Heintzman has an unmatched tenacity and authenticity for helping her students.  Without her guidance and workshops, I wouldn’t be where I am today, because I know my essays were the defining factor in my application.” 

- Steve Burstyn
UC Berkeley Class of 2018​

​“Kathy Heintzman inspired me to find my individual strengths as a writer.  She put such  thought and care into supporting each student’s writing style.  I found an original and genuine voice in my writing.” 

- Stevie Rae Gibbs 
USC Class of 2015

"Kathy is very knowledgeable about what colleges are looking for in their essays. She made me feel confident about my responses to the prompts by helping me with my writing process. She has a positive personality that allowed our time together to always be productive."

- Charlotte Cosca
UCLA Class of 2021